B1A4’s Jinyoung to enlist in the military this month

Another Korean star is about to enter the military.

Singer and actor Jinyoung will join the army on June 20.


On June 5, Link 8 Entertainment confirmed that Jinyoung finally received his military draft notice from the Military Manpower Administration.

“He will enter the military on June 20, 2019.”

Jinyoung will serve as a social service worker after completing basic military training at the training camp.

He suffered from labrum tear in his right shoulder due to injuries he got during filming and performances.

Because of that, he received a Grade 4 in the Military Manpower Administration’s physical examination.

The agency said that Jinyoung chose to enlist in the military quietly so they will not disclose the exact location and time of his enlistment.

Goodluck, Jinyoung! We will wait for your safe return.

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