South Korea eases the visa requirements for Filipinos!

Thanks to our undying love for Korean entertainment, the Korean embassy is making our step to South Korea a lot easier with their visa processing! More chances of meeting our oppas mga bes!

According to ABC-CBN news, Korean ambassador, Mr. Ha Dong Man, said that the embassy is trying to lessen the requirements for visa approval for the Filipinos. They’ve made the move to attract more Filipino tourists and students to visit or study in South Korea.

Since the visa requesting is now being processed at the accredited travel agencies, the embassy is now decreasing the number of documents needed for visa approvals.

Good news for the employees

Government employees, media workers, and selected professionals can also apply for a multiple-entry visa status. The embassy are also decreasing the documents needed for the multiple-entry requests.

“For those qualified for the multiple visas, they can submit only one paper saying I am working for this company.” Ambassador Han said.

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Aside from the visa access, South Korean government is also offering more scholarship programs to Filipinos to study in South Korea.

Mr. Han also added that they are encouraging people-to-people exchange, not only with tourists but also to students. They have sent Koreans to study in the Philippines, as well as inviting talented Filipinos, especially University students to study in Korea.

Ready your passports and requirements na mga bes! Onting push nalang at pwede kana makatapak sa land of our oppas! Hwaiting!

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