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Paris Hilton is throwing a house party for Kim Heechul, Han Hye Jin, Kim Shinyoung and Austin Kang

On May 30, hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton arrived in Korea for the filming of her episode guesting on skyDrama’s “Why Did You Come To My House?”.

The variety show’s concept is having the cast members visit the house of a celebrity and throw an ‘on the spot’ house party. The cast includes Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, model Han Hye Jin, host Kim Shin Young and chef Austin Kang.

The show with 2 broadcasted episodes gained some attention after they started the show with a fun episode on a monk’s house. The cast also show quite some chemistry with each other as they play around during their house raid. Watch the show teaser below:

Upon landing in Incheon Airport, Paris Hilton was met by standees of Heechul and Shin Young which says “Let’s go Party! R U ready Paris?”.

This is her first appearance on a Korean variety show in five years so she expressed her excitement for the shoot. They will having the party at the Vista Hotel (Hilton Hotel) and the dress code is pink.

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The episode will air this June on skyDrama channel. Are you also excited?

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