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LOOK: Park Bo Young Receives a Foodtruck from Park Hyung Sik at Abyss’s Filming Site

And our Minmin and Bongbong hearts can’t take it!

Park Hyung Sik has sent a new food truck (a coffee truck) as a sign of support to his Strong Woman Do Bong Soon partner, Park Bo Young while the actress is filming her newest drama, Abyss.

The foodtruck company posted on their official Instagram the following photos of the coffee truck that was sent to Bo Young:

The close translation to what the original poster has said is the following:

Park Hyung Sik, Park Bo Young, yo got a big shot of coffee to cheer for you!

There was a slight change of schedule but we are able to fix it. We went in a hot lunch time. I think (the coffee truck) is a great help tot he whole crew of Abyss.

I’ve given Bo Young’s first drink of cold Belgian chocolate latte through her manager. I wonder what she thinks? #ParkBoYoung.

While we are all attending to the orders, thanks to my helpers, we were able to accommodate them fast, someone greeted us and it was her! Park Bo Young, the goddess! She was really lovely.

She’s really cute as she scans through the menu and ordered a new treat. I gave her a second sweet drink. After completing all the orders, we left.

Thank you, Park Hyun Sik! I hope their friendship lasts forever!”

The banner says, “Park Bo Young Forever! Abyss, Fighting! P.S., When you’re done (filming), bring me one (coffee)!” Next to it is a small photo of Park Hyung Sik.

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As we can all remember, this would be the second time Hyun Sik has sent a food truck for Bo Young. The first one was during her film, ‘On Your Wedding Day.’

With the funny statements of “I oppose your marriage! – Ahn Min Hyuk’

At present, Park Bo Young is currently working on her current drama, Abyss while Park Hyun Sik is finishing the filming for Jurors before he enlist in the military this year.

Hay! Our Park-Park hearts can’t contain this happiness! Will this love team turn from reel to real?

Featured Image Source: Elle Korea

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  1. Park hyung sik sent food truck to Park bo young three times already! Hope they work together again and hope there will be SWDBS season 2

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