What makes a group powerful? Still having fans even though they’ve disbanded. That’s how 2NE1 is considered as one of the “Queens of K-Pop.” Despite their sudden disbandment last November 2016, the 4-member girl group still made their presence active in today’s time.

The girl group is supposed to turn 10 years as a K-Pop group this May 17, 2019 until YG Entertainment’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk announced their disbandment last November 2016. The 4 members then focused on their solo careers as singers, models, and tv show hosts.

Recently, the girls shared their personal handwritten messages to their fans. Blackjacks all around the world started a hashtag event to express their gratitude and how much they miss 2NE1 with #10YearsWith2NE1. They shared memories of the girl-group, and wished they are still together till this day.

Earlier tonight, CL, Dara, Bom, and Minzy took to Instagram to share to their fans that they are also celebrating their 10 years of being together!

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They’ve greeted with an iconic, “What’s up y’all? We 2NE1!” that made the Blackjacks watching miss the girls so much!

Check these screenshot photos below:

Dara, Bom, and Minzy were wearing a cute hat while CL is rocking her blonde hairstyle!

The girls sang a Happy Birthday song before they made wishes and blew the birthday cake.

They also showed the design of the cake containing their pictures!

Afterward, the girls talked with each other, catching up and (maybe) recalling some of their memories together. Before ending the Instagram live, they all thanked the Blackjacks who supported them through the years.

This Instagram Live is a surprise to every Blackjacks out there, they never knew that they will receive this very special gift of seeing the members together once again! Even though they are no longer active, we wish to see them together in one stage someday!

As of writing, you can still catch the Instagram Live to CL (@chaelincl) and Dara’s (@daraxxi) Instagram profile!

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Have a little throwback with 2NE1’s debut hit, “Fire” here:

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