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WATCH: ‘All The Butler’s’ Casts Took Dancing Lessons from JYP!

If you know the variety program, ‘All The Butlers’ that casts Lee Seunggi, Lee Sangyoon, Yang Sehyung, and BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, then maybe you enjoyed the past week’s episodes!

‘All The Butlers’ is a variety program wherein the casts will get to work with their ‘master’ to learn from them. They spend a day over their new master, taking a peek on how their master lives.

On the first day of their meeting with their new ‘master,’ the men were blindfolded in order to not guess the master in an instant. It turns out that they were escorted to the new and environmental-friendly building of JYP Entertainment and their master is no other than JYP’s CEO, Park Jinyoung.

JYP’s new girl group, ITZY also makes an appearance in the program. Aside from taking a nutritious lunch at JYP cafeteria, Seunggi, Sangyoon, Sehyung, and Sungjae were introduced to JYP’s active schedule.

From a building tour, fun lunch, and meeting ITZY, the boys also found out that JYP doesn’t eat dinner. However, they were hyped up when JYP gave them dancing lessons!

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Check this video clip wherein the four men gets to take dancing lessons from JYP:

You may watch All The Butlers’ recent episode here.

Featured Image Source: SBS Now

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