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Park Ji Hoon’s lovely night with Filipino MAYs during ‘First Edition’ in Manila

It was a very memorable night for the Filipino Wannables and MAYs when Park Ji Hoon made everyone feel the kilig last March 15 during his ‘First Edition: Fan Meeting in Manila.’ It was Jihoon’s third time visiting the country.

Annyeong Oppa became one of the social media partner of this event, all thanks to Pulp Live World and Inang Happee Sy-Go!

Exclusive Pass during D-day:

The morning of the Fan Meeting, Park Ji Hoon delighted the press with a press conference entertaining some few questions prepared by the media. The event is hosted by Ms. Kring Kim at Novotel’s Function Hall.

At the press conference, Jihoon happily responded to the questions prepared for him. He even told the media that he prepared a lot his Filipino MAYs.

Some of the facts that he stated were:

  • He keeps in touch with his fellow Wanna One members. They cheer each others’ solo careers. They even have a Kakaotalk group chat!
  • Jihoon wanted to experience sunset in the Philippines.
  • He wants to be known as simply, Park Ji Hoon aside from being known as Wink Boy.
  • He loves the smile of the Filipino MAYs.
  • His advice for the new idols who’ll join Produce X101: Always practice.
  • He will be releasing his new single this March 26!
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Look at some of the photos taken during the conference:

Park Ji Hoon Manila – The night of First Edition!

MAYs and Wannables already lined up as early as 1 PM! Fan bases handed out some freebies to all of their fellow fans. Everyone went inside at around 6:40 PM, and waited to start of the fan meeting.

Park Ji Hoon Manila Fanmeeting Stage

The moment the fan meet has started, fans kept on cheering Jihoon as they waited to see him on stage. He began the night with a dance performance of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You:

MAYs and Wannables during Park Ji Hoon Manila

Getting to know Park Ji Hoon

Following this performance, he immediately greeted the Filipino MAYs. The fan meeting started with the first segment with a quiz to know Jihoon more.

MAYs went wild when he said, ‘Mahal ko kayo!’ you may also feel the kilig through this video:

Games and Gifts for the MAYs:

The prized phone cup:

Afterward, Jihoon entertained the MAYs with a game, a phone conversation using a paper cup! Every MAYs were jealous of the lucky girls who got to talk with him. He signed the cups and it was given to the lucky fans!

Park Ji Hoon Manila | Cup-phone convo with a fan.
One of a kind eco-bags:

Jihoon designed two eco-bags to be given to lucky MAYs. Jihoon said that he wanted to celebrate White Day (an event where men will gift sweets to ladies) in the country, so he prepared candy bouquet for the first winner!

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P.S the first winner was just behind our seats! Inggit to the max ako, mga bes!

Park Ji Hoon Manila | Designing his eco-bag for MAYs!
King of Crane Machines

Jihoon said that he is good at getting stuffed toys from crane machines. He told the fans that he will get some plushies to be given to his fans.

Park Ji Hoon Manila | Playing by the crane!

Jihoon playfully told the fans that he was intentionally failing the game to spend more time with them. MAYs chanted, “Walang uuwi!” Jihoon replied, “Really? Let’s do that.” The MAYs went wild including me, mga bes!
Jihoon got two plushies: A bunny and a penguin. It was given to the lucky fans with a photo of Jihoon holding them.

A Total Performer

Aside from getting to know his MAYs, Jihoon delighted his fans with performances. He sang Wanna One’s 11 and his own Young 20 produced by Lee Dae Hwi. Check the highlights here:

At the show’s encore, Jihoon performed Wanna One’s Hide and Seek. He surprised the fans with his cover of SHINee’s Taemin’s Press Your Number. You may check the highlight here:

Surprise from the Filipino MAYs

Filipino MAYs surprised Jihoon with their video fan project! He was deeply touched by the love and support his Filipino fans gave him. Banners were raised as Jihoon read the message: All MAYs, by your side.

Park Ji Hoon in Manila Show Banner

Beautiful Goodbye

Jihoon had a goodbye session for his Filipino MAYs. The session lasted for about 10 minutes, he was all smiles giving out fan services to the MAYs. He reminded the fans that his new song will be released this March 26th as he will be needing their support. The Park Ji Hoon Manila fan meeting ended with full of love and support for the young Korean singer.

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Jihoon waving to his Filipino Mays

This fan meeting is one of the memorable nights for the Filipino MAYs and Wannables as they spent the night having fun and getting to know Jihoon more as a solo artist!

Annyeong Oppa Team extends much appreciation for Pulp Live World, Ms. Happee Sy-Go, the lovely host Ms. Kring Kim, and the Official Park Ji Hoon Philippines fan base! The success of this memorable night wouldn’t happen without you!

To our fellow MAYs and Wannables, let’s all support Jihoon for his solo career! We wish to see Park Jihoon in the country again soon!

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