‘One K in Manila’ is Considered as One of the Memorable K-Pop Concerts and Here’s Why!

Today is indeed a very special day to all the Filipino K-pop fans. It marks the 2nd anniversary of the Global Peace Concert: One K in Manila which happened last March 2, 2017 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Filipino K-Pop fans from different fandoms gathered at the said event to show their support and love for their respective idols. The concert featured talented K-Pop acts B.A.P, AOA, BTOB, B1A4, SHINee, CN Blue and Psy.

Two years have passed, this concert is considered by most of the Filipino fans as one of the unforgettable K-Pop concert here in Philippines. Here’s why:

We Saw The Complete Members of SHINee

It is one of the main reasons why One K Concert in Manila is indeed one of the memorable K-pop concerts here in Philippines. Filipino Shawols who attended the concert are very lucky to witness the complete members of SHINee for the last time. Up to now, we are still sad and mourning for our dear Jonghyun. But I’m sure that wherever he is right now, he is very happy. You may watch their performance at One K Concert here:

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B1A4 returned to Manila After 3 Years

BANAs, the fans of B1A4, showed their excitement when it was announced that the idol group is included in the official line up. B1A4’s first visit here in Manila was held on September 2014 for their Road Trip Concert Tour. I was just a new Bana during the OneK concert and this event is very memorable to me because that was the first time that I saw and watched them live. They didn’t disappoint their fans. It was indeed worth the wait. Watch their introduction here:

Credits To: teukienickie

Remember When Jung Yong Hwa Conquered The Stage?

One K Concert attendees will never forget the epic performance of CNBlue especially their frontman, Jung Yong Hwa. He really owned the stage with his energetic performance. He is indeed a natural-born performer. Watch CNBLue’s performances here:

Credits To: angelrayne121

Meanwhile, you can reminisce the OneK in Manila concert by watching the other performances and video clips on our official YouTube Channel. Just click here.

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