What You Need to Know about the SOPA Students’ issue

The students from the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA) uploaded a video on Youtube last February 17. The video is titled ‘Who is sinner’ (Naega Cheuininga) and has attracted 3.1 million views as of writing.

The video began with a student apologizing with reason on why they are doing the video: to show to everyone the unfair treatment the school has been doing to them. Issues tackled on the video are the following: making the students perform for outside events, telling them to perform intimate or sexy performances, and the misuse of the school funds.

The students also expressed the difficulty facing the matter, not being able to speak out their sentiments.

They also claimed that sometimes, despite their pleas, no one is on their side. Media outlets tend to fabricate stories causing the students to be at fault. It is a fight between them and something they truly cherish.

The students ended the video with the hope that the entire nation can hear them and be with them. They are all hoping that the problems they have raised be solved.

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It has been reported that the school’s principal and his wife have been dismissed from their positions before the video went viral. Investigations following the said complains are being done at the moment.

The school is also known as the high school of popular stars such as Lee Hi, BTS’ Jungkook, Park Jihoon, Suzy Bae and many more.

You may check their video and make sure to add subtitles here:

The video ends showing a number of anonymous fellow students who support the ones who created the video, all aiming for justice. Should all the accusations be proven correct, we really hope they get the justice they truly deserve.

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