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10 Songs of Stray Kids With Social Messages

Stray Kids is a nine-member South Korean boygroup formed by JYP Entertainment through a survival show. The group debuted on 2018.

Stray Kids showcases self produced music and most of them are written by 3RACHA, Stray Kids songwriting team composed of Bang Chan, Seo Changbin, and Han Jisung.

This boygroup is not your typical boygroup. Their songs have so many social messages that we need to hear and be aware of. They focus on today’s youth social issues.

Here is the 10 songs of Stray Kids with social messages that you could listen to:

1. My Pace

2. Question

3. Voices

4. Insomnia

5. Mirror

6. Grow Up

7. 3rd Eye

8. Awaken

9. School Life

10. Young Wings

Meanwhile, Stray Kids is now preparing for their March comeback and Stray Kids is also coming to Manila this April 27. Don’t miss it!

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