JYPE’s new girl group, ITZY, drops their 1st digital single <IT’z DIFFERENT> with a title track called, “DALLA DALLA (달라달라)” on February 11, 2019, 12AM.

The rookie group is labeled as JYP’s Dream Team as they are the 4th girl group to debut under the company, following WONDER GIRLS, MISS A, and TWICE. Their photoshoots were enough to make the fans go crazy with all the aesthetic shots and made the fans excited for the debut.

Their title track, “DALLA DALLA” is a song with a genre of Fushion Groove (a mix of House, Hip-Hop, and EDM). The members: Yuna, Lia, Chaeryeong, Yeji, and Ryujin showed us their overflowing talent in singing and pulling off and incredible choreography with their charismatic and chic personas in the music video.

The members were famous even before their debut. Ryujin and Yuna has made an appearance in one of BTS’ Highlight Reels. Chaeryeong was a contestant in Kpop Star 3 and Yeji left a remarkable impression on SBS The Fan.

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Watch their charismatic M/V below:

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