Park Bo Gum is considering to join Gong Yoo in a movie

On February 7, Blossom Entertainment stated that Park Bo-gum is positively reviewing the casting offer for the movie ‘Seo bok’ together with Gong Yoo.

‘Seo bok’ will showcase the story of Gi Heon/ Ki Heon (Gong Yoo), a former intelligence agent who involves in a dangerous incident related to cloning of humans and several other forces trying to get the human clone.

According to other sources, Park Bo-gum received an offer to play the role main character.

Lee Yong Joo, the director of the popular film ‘Architecture 101’ (2012) is the director of ‘Seo Bok’. If Bo-gum will accept the offer, he will work with Gong Yoo for the very first time.

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum is also expected to come in Manila this 2019 and he is also preparing for his Japanese debut single.

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