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Chito Miranda of ‘Parokya ni Edgar’ defends Kpop once again

Chito Miranda, vocalist of the legendary Pinoy band 'Parokya ni Edgar' has to say about those who bash Kpop fans.

Chito Miranda, vocalist of the legendary Pinoy band ‘Parokya ni Edgar’ has to say about those who bash Kpop fans.

On January 13, Chito posted a photo on his Instragram account with a caption “Mabuhay ang OPM!”. He also said that OPM (Original Philippine/Pinoy Music) is not dead and it has evolved into something bigger and better which is no longer dependent on the mainstream media.

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Mabuhay ang OPM! Rakenrol🤘🏻😎 We get paid to do what we love doing, without having anyone to tell us what to do. OPM is not dead. It simply evolved into something bigger and better. It has grown into something that is no longer dependent on mainstream media, at dahil dun, wala nang paki ang mga banda kung papatok ba sa masa o hindi yung mga kanta nila. Ang priority nalang ng mga banda ngayon ay ang gumawa ng magagandang kanta na sang-ayon sa trip nila regardless kung sisikat o hindi. And obviously, sa dami ng fans ng mga bagong banda, mukhang nagwowork naman yung ginagawa nila. Dec Ave, Ben&Ben, Gracenote, I Belong To The Zoo, IV of Spades, Autotelic, Silent Sanctuary, Franco, Udub, UDD, etc…these bands fill up stadiums and school gyms by simply creating and playing their own songs without having the need to be seen on tv. If you think OPM is dead, I'm sorry pero nastuck ka lang talaga siguro sa mundo na nakasanayan mo…kasi sa mundo namin, buhay na buhay ang OPM. At tulad ng mga nanood sa gig namin ng Dec Ave at ni Shanti Dope sa Bulacan kagabi, mukhang hindi rin sila naniniwala na OPM is dead.

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With the rise of so many OPM bands nowadays, it’s clear that indeed, OPM is not dead. But one netizen commented on his post throwing shade on the Filipino Kpop fans saying,

“solid pa din ang OPM. Yung mga ayaw maniwala, nilamon ng KPOP.” (OPM is still solid. Those who don’t want to believe are already swallowed by KPOP)

Chito was quick to respond to it saying,

“kung apektado ka sa Kpop, then you are focusing on the wrong things *smile emoji*. ako trip na trip ko ang Kpop and walang masama tumangkilik ng Kpop.” (If you are affected to Kpop, then you are focusing on the wrong things. I am fond of Kpop and there’s nothing wrong patronizing it.)

Another one commented,

“Ayus sana Kpop kung naiintindihan mo yung kanta kaso marami sa mga tao nakikiuso lang! At dapat mahalin ang sariling atin!” (Kpop is okay if you can understand the songs but most of the people are just joining the trend (bandwagon). And we should love our own!)”

Chito intellectually replied to it with,

“Bakit ang butchikik ng Yoyoy Villame hindi ko din naintindihan pero na-enjoy ko naman haha! Pwede mo ma-enjoy ang kanta kahit di mo maintindihan yung lyrics *heart emoji* (I didn’t understand ‘Butchikik’ of Yoyoy Villame but I enjoyed it! You can enjoy the song even if you don’t understand its lyrics)

He ended by saying that it depends on people’s preference.

This is not the first time that Chito shed a light on this issue. In 2011, he also defended Filipino Kpop music lovers and even admitted that he likes several groups like Girls Generation and 2ne1. Other Filipino celebrities have also publicly declared their love for Kpop/Kdrama stars.

Music transcends cultural differences. You can love a music even without understanding its lyrics and in the modern age, you can easily translate it in your language to be able to understand it.

It is also possible to champion OPM while loving Kpop or western songs. Being a sole Kpop fan doesn’t make you less patriotic. You can still show your love to your country in different ways. And being a solid OPM fan is okay too. It’s just a matter of respect to everyone’s preferences. After all, we are all human being living in the same world. Isn’t it better to live in peace?

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