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Kim Tae-ri Reportedly Starring In A Sci-Fi Movie With Song Joong-ki

According to media outlets on January 11, Kim Tae-ri is considering an offer to star in a new film entitled “Space Shuttle Victory” (Literal Translation) with Actor Song Joong-ki.

Space Shuttle Victory is an upcoming film by director Cho Sung-hee, who directed the films “A Werewolf Boy” and “Phantom Detective.”

Cho is reuniting with actor Song Joong-ki in this project. They previously worked together in blockbuster film “A Werewolf Boy”.

Space Shuttle Victory is a science fiction film about an adventure set in outer-space. It is also said to be a big project with billions of won in production costs.

Fans and media outlets are anticipating on what Kim Tae-ri will look like in this new genre and working for the first time with Director Cho and Actor Song Joong-ki.

Kim Tae-ri previously starred in tvN’s top rated historical drama “Mr.Sunshine” which ended in September last year. She played the main character, Go Ae-shin which boosted her popularity among the viewers.

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Meanwhile, Space Shuttle Victory is starting to film this summer.

Who’s excited to see Kim Tae-ri and Song Joong-ki working together?

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