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New Kdrama Alert: ‘Blue Eyes’ Starring Jang Ki Yong And Nana

Actor Jang Ki Yong and Nana confirmed to be leads in the upcoming OCN drama ‘Blue Eyes’.

‘Blue Eyes’ is a melodrama about a man who must kill a woman and a woman who must catch him.

Jang Ki Yong plays the role of Kim Soo Hyun, the best killer in the industry. He can turn any object around him as a lethal weapon. With the ability to quickly assess the situation, he develops the perfect plan to kill and exit. Nothing about him is known to the public including his age, name, and race, but the most powerful organization in each country searches for him whenever there is a target they would like to eliminate. He struggles to develop real relationships with people around him, but always searches for love.


Nana plays Do Hyun Jin, the best ace detective at a top university, who graduated from the police department at the top of her class. She does not tolerate injustice. She has great intuition and trusts her instinct, but knows that scientific data is necessary to make the best decision. She looks cold on the outside, but she knows how to see other people’s pain.

The production team said, “We expect the synergy between Jang Ki Yong and Nana, who will add their own charm to their characters, to help us make the best drama. Please look forward to ‘Blue Eyes’, which will air sometime in March 2019 on OCN.”

The plot looks promising bes!

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