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Did EXO’s Sehun Accidentally Follow An Actress’ Instagram Account?

Some fans are even speculating that he accidentally followed her while he was looking into her Instagram account.

EXO’s Oh Sehun is one of the top Korean stars with the most number of followers on Instagram. He was named as top 3 most beloved celebrities of 2018 by Instagram Korea. But despite having 14.9 million followers, Sehun is not following any account on Instagram even his fellow EXO members.

But his fans are quick to notice that for a brief moment, Sehun followed the account of actress, Kim Yoo Jung, the female lead of ongoing drama ‘Clean with Passion For Now’.

And a minute later, he quickly unfollowed it.

Does it mean that he accidentally followed the actress account? Some fans are even speculating that he did while he was looking into her account.

What do you think?

Here are some old photos of them together.

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