Actor Yoon Si Yoon Awarded as Best Entertainer + See List of Winners at 2018 KBS Entertainment Award

This year’s KBS Entertainment Award made a history by having Lee Young Ja (Hello Cpunselor) as it’s first ever woman awardee of Daesang (Grand Prize).

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December is such a busy month in South Korea when most of the television network usually conduct several awards nights. Last December 22, KBS Entertainment Award was held to celebrate the success and achievements of the network’s variety programs and entertainment shows this 2018.

One of the winners is actor Yoon Si Yoon who received the Best Entertainer Award for 2 Days and 1 Night.

Prior to the event proper, he graced the red carpet with fellow MC, Seoulhyun of AOA.

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This year’s KBS Entertainment Award also made a history by having Lee Young Ja (Hello Cpunselor) as it’s first ever woman awardee of Daesang (Grand Prize).

Other nominees for Daesang were Yoo Jae Suk , Kim Joon Ho, Shin Dong Yup, and Lee Dong Gook.

Here’s the full list of the awardees:

Daesang (Grand Prize): Lee Young Ja

Viewers’ Choice for Best Program: 2 Days & 1 Night

Best Couple: Kim Joon Ho & Kim Jong Min (2 Days & 1 Night), Kim Yeon Joong & Baek Ok Ja (Kim Seung Hyun’s parents; Men Who Do Housework)

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Best Teamwork: Hello Counselor

Best Entertainer: Yoon Shi Yoon (2 Days & 1 Night), Choi Yang Rak & Paeng Hyun Sook (Men Who Do Housework), Kim Tae Jin (Entertainment Weekly)

Hot Issue Entertainer: MAMAMOO’s Hwasa (Hyena on the Keyboard), DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon (to. Jenny), Bong Tae Gyu (The Return of Superman), Bae Jung Nam (1 Percent Friendship, Where on Earth?)

Hot Issue Variety Program: Joy of Conversation

Best Idea Award: Lee Hyun Jung & Kim Won Hyo (Gag Concert)

Top Excellence in Variety: Defconn (2 Days & 1 Night), Sam Hammington (The Return of Superman)
Excellence in Variety: Go Ji Yong (The Return of Superman), Kim Seung Hyun (Men Who Do Housework)
Rookie Award for Variety: Honey Lee (The Secret and Great Private Lives of Animals), Eric Nam (Samcheong Neighborhood Grandma)

Top Excellence in Comedy: Shin Bong Sun (Gag Concert), Kwon Jae Kwan (Gag Concert)
Excellence in Comedy: Park Sora (Gag Concert), Song Joon Geun (Gag Concert)
Rookie Award for Comedy: Kim Nina (Gag Concert), Lee Seung Hwan (Gag Concert)

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Top Excellence in Talk & Show: Kim Sook (Battle Trip), Moon Hee Jun (Immortal Songs)
Excellence in Talk & Show: Sung Si Kyung (Battle Trip), Jo Se Ho (Happy Together)
Rookie Award for Talk & Show: Lovelyz’s Kei (Music Bank), Choi Won Myeong (Music Bank)

Popularity Award: the children of The Return of Superman

Special Producer Award: Shin Hyun Joon (Entertainment Weekly)

Honorary Award: Bae Chul Soo (Concert 7080)

Radio DJ of the Year: Park Eun Young
Rookie DJ of the Year: Yangpa, Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun)

Entertainment DJ Award: Jang Hang Joon, Kim Jin Soo

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for giving us an awesome 2018!


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