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8 Iconic Roles of Lee Jong-suk That Made Our Hearts Flutter

First of all, today is indeed a very special day to all the Lee Jong-suk fans out there. Guess what? He’s celebrating his birthday!

Happy Birthday Oppa!

We all know that Lee Jong-suk started as a model then pursued his passion in acting. Since then, he became widely known not just in his own country but internationally as well. He is considered as one of the South Korea’s top-billed actors and every role that he portrayed was truly iconic.

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Here are some of his iconic roles that made our hearts fluttered:

1. Aspiring Musician, Han Tae-sun (Secret Garden, 2010)

Lee played the role of a young musician discovered by Oska (played by Yoon Sang-hyun). His character was snob and with a cold personality but later revealed that he is gay and admitted his feelings for Oska. (I can already hear you saying ‘Ahhh siya pala yun?’ hahaha!)

2. Extraordinary Guy, Park Soo-ha (I Can Hear Your Voice, 2013)

He portrayed the role of a guy who gained a supernatural ability when he was 9 years old after witnessing his father being killed. (Just imagine this happening in real life. Lee Jong-suk did a really good job on portraying this extraordinary role.)

3. Genius Doctor, Park Hoon (Doctor Stranger, 2014)

This role is a living proof that Lee Jong-suk is definitely a talented and passionate actor. As a k-drama fan for about 10 years (Lakas maka-Tita, bes. huhuhu… ^^), aside from historical dramas, i am super picky when it comes to medical dramas. I have to consider some pointers before watching it. And for me, a role of a doctor is not just an ordinary role that anyone can portray. And i must say, Lee Jong-suk (and the rest of the cast) really did a great job.

4. Respective Reporter, Choi Dal-po (Pinocchio, 2014)

From Doctor to Reporter real quick. Lee played the role of a young man who decided to be a reporter in order to prove his family innocence using the power of media. If you haven’t seen this drama, you better add this on your must-watch list.

5. Handsome Webtoon Character, Kang-chul (W: Two Worlds, 2016)

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오늘이 방송하는 날인가요?

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Everytime we hear the name Lee Jong-suk, his character in this drama is the first thing that comes up on our mind. For me, this is his iconic character that made him more popular to k-drama viewers especially to us, international fans.

His character cannot be compared to his past roles because it has a different vibe. He played the role of a successful young man who owns a broadcasting channel and an olympic gold medalist in shooting. But the major plot twist, he’s just a webtoon character. Intriguing? (It’s a very good drama, bes! If you haven’t seen this one, you’re missing half of your k-drama life haha… watch mo na! Ppalli!)

6. Brilliant Prosecutor, Jung Jae-chan (While You Were Sleeping, 2017)

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이건 이종석 아니고 정재찬.

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We’ve seen alot of roles played by Lee Jong-suk such as a student, musician, a doctor. In this drama, Lee played the role of a rookie prosecutor who has the ability of seeing the events in the future.

7. Enthusiastic Swimmer, Jung Woo-sang (No Breathing, 2013 Korean Movie)

Lee Jong-suk’s acting skills are not just for TV dramas but for big screen as well. In this sports film, he played the role of a young national swimmer who is troubled and antisocial. He came from a wealthy family. Later on, he learned to value the people around him and learn the importance of teamwork and friendship.

8. Murder Case Prime Suspect, Kim Kwang-il (V.I.P, 2017 Korean Movie)

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VIP 8.24 🐳

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This character is way too different from his past roles. Compared to his former characters that made you kilig over him, it’s different, so don’t expect that for now mga bes. As i watched some video clips of this film, i must say that Lee Jong-suk deserves an award here. I haven’t seen the movie yet (I’m not into deep action films, mga bes. But based on some clips that i’ve seen, i can say that it is a good movie. 👍🏻).

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He portrayed the character of a Prominent North Korean politician’s son and became a prime suspect for commiting serial murders around the world.

I know that Lee Jong-suk played a lot of iconic characters aside from the list above.

For you, what is/are the most iconic role/s of Lee Jong-suk from his past dramas or movies? You can tell us on the comment section below. ^^

And wait, there’s more! ^^

Lee Jong-suk is finally coming to MANILA for his CRANK UP: 2018 LEE JONGSUK FANMEETING TOUR on November 18, 2018 at the ARANETA COLISEUM.

This much-awaited event is brought to us by PULP LIVE WORLD

See you there, mga bes! ♡

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