Meet The New Face of GONG CHA PHILIPPINES, Park Seo-Joon

We were all thrilled when one of the famous milk tea house here in Manila annouced their newest endorser. Especially for us, k-drama fans, this announcement made our day even brighter than the sun.
I’m sure everyone knows or familiar with this guy, his dramas have been aired here in Manila for a few times.
Philippines, let’s all welcome, the newest endorser of Gong Cha Philippines, South Korean Actor, Park Seo-joon!


In case you are still on the process of getting to know this adorable guy, here are some information you need to know about him.

Born on December 16, 1988. His birth name is Park Yong-gyu. He already began his mandatory military service in 2008. He was 19 years old then. He was discharged in 2010. So, mga bes, no need to worry about his enlistment because he already did it before debuting. His first drama appearance was Dream High 2 (2012) alongside Sistar’s Hyolyn and Got7’s JB. He also appeared in Pots of Gold (2013), One Warm Word (2013) and Witch Romance (2014).
Your Oppa is really versatile as you expected because in October 2013 to April 2015, he hosted the music program, KBS’ Music Bank.

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Seo-joon became even famous for his roles in these 2015 hit dramas, She Was Pretty and Kill Me, Heal Me alongside Hwang Jung-eum.

In 2016, Park Seo-joon starred in his first historical drama as Moo-myung in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth alongside Go Ara and Park Hyung-sik.

In 2017, we saw an adorable side of Seo-joon in the hit romantic-comedy drama, Fight For My Way alongside Kim Ji-won.

Since then, Park Seo-joon’s name became more popular not only in Korea but also in other foreign countries especially here in Philippines.

He’s currently in the on-going TVN’s romantic comedy drama, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? alongside Park Min-young.

Park Seo-joon is indeed one of the popular and influential korean star in our generation. We can all say that Gong Cha Philippines made the best decision of getting him as their brand endorser.

Maybe we can expect a visit from him…soon? (Baka naman po? Hihihi…)

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