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​20 Things Only BFFs in a Group of Three Could Relate To

To have one bff is awesome but to have two bffs is suweg.

Bacause we know that in some cases, BFFs come in three! So we listed the things that only BFFs in a group of three could totally relate to.

1. Sometimes you tend to be closer to one person than the other.

Admit it mga bes. Minsan feeling mo mas close ka dun sa isa sa kanilang dalawa. Aminin?

2. And you feel FOMO when you can’t make it to your group date.

Yung wala ka sa pictures nila bes. Minsan mashaket. And then they will tag you. Mas mashaket.

3. But it seems like something is missing if you’re incomplete so you’ll message or call the missing bestie.

Minsan para mang-inggit na din habang kumakayod ang isa sa pagtatrabaho o pag-aaral.

4. And when you have an important chika to tell, you make sure that the group is complete otherwise, you’ll have to repeat the same stories and reenact your reactions and emojis.

 5. You guys have other friends outside your group.

Minsan nakakaselos but it feels different when you are three-gether.

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6. That is why the people around you expect you to be together all the time!

And when one is missing, they would ask her whereabouts. Like “guardian po ba nya kami?”

7. You have come up with a name of your group so people could easily address you and stop calling you as “Tres Marias” or “Charlie’s Angles” or “Three Musketeers”, etc.

Don’t us please. We now have a name.

8. Once in your silly time, you have identified yourselves as one of the fictional characters in TV/movies.

So sino si Blossom? Then everyone will raise their hands.

Sino si Bok Joo?

Other friend, “Ikaw si Nanhee. Lakas mong kumain eh”.

9. There are times that it’s hard to make plans and it’s easier na magdrawing na lang because of your conflicting schedules and mga pinaglalaban in life #adulting.

10. You can’t really choose a side if the other two start to argue.

11. And one will always end up as the mediator if that happens.

Then finally shouts/sends, “guys, make peace na, okay? we’re bestfriends here. magbati na kayo para sa friendship” na linyahan.

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12. But when one is actually on the wrong side or has gone astray, at least you have someone to talk to about it.

“Diba bes, gets mo naman yung point ko? Diba?”

13. When seeking for advice, you sometimes get two totally different perspectives and you’re confused to whom you should listen to.

14. Being in a group of three also means that in some days one of you will have eat alone on the other side of the table.

Except if it’s a round table. Third-wheeling lang ang feeling bes!

15. Sleep alone on a single bed in your hotel room…

16. and take selfies when one of you is busy taking solo pictures of the other person. 

“Bes, ako din papicture after nya ha.”

17. It also means that you have to prepare something for two during Christmas and other special occasions.

18. You have probably asked both of them to be your maid of honor/ best man in your wedding because you can’t choose only one. You just can’t! 

19. But before that, you have already asked them to treat you to a nice salon or spa massage on the day that your significant other is going to propose to you.

Masyadong pinaghahandaan. Akala mo naman taken na.

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20. And lastly, you are probably thinking of your bffs and your sabaw yet funny moments together while reading this post. And you will probably share this on your wall tagging them using your favorite emojis 😁😁😂😅😅😅😘😘😘

To have one bff is awesome but to have two bffs is suweg 👊

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  1. Sa number 1 di ako maka relate. Hehe. Promise. Walang halong echos to. I’m both close sa kanilang dalawa. Dun naman sa number 5, super relate kasi minsan pag nag tag sila hndi ako yung naka tag kasi yung other friends yung naka tag kasi sila yung nakakarelate. Sakit bes. 💔 then yung name! Mygad! Ours is beshkaricalukaluka. Mga lukaret kmi eh. Hahaha. Labyu beshies!! 😘😘😘

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