UP10TION Kim WooSeok’s Wanna Come Over To My Place: Online Home Party Experience!

For the first time in nine months, Kim Wooseok meets again his fans all around the world online, as he wants to have a great time, and make numerous memories with NIAs!

Image Source: hellolive

The online home party that happened and aired in hellolive last December 11 hosted Big Shot and Emotion Studio.

The main parts of the online home party are the interview and chat in real-time with NIAs and home party games.

At the beginning of the event, Kim Wooseok sang a song that was chosen by the audience. After his performance, fans dressed according to pre-approved dress requirements which are lavender and the chosen audience will win a signed album!

And, to add to the excitement of the LIVE, he prepares a slew of surprises, including undisclosed scenes, personal photo cards & polaroid with handwritten signatures, limited edition posters, and signed albums for fans he’s never seen before.

The game started 10 minutes after the start and it was divided into different programs. First is the polaroid camera, wherein Wooseok will take a selca throughout the game which has only 9 films.

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The 2nd part of the program is ‘Mission Bingo Game’ wherein Wooseok’s needs to do a mission on the corresponding number he chooses. And the audiences need to guess a correct sequence of numbers on the bingo board to win the signed polaroid he took during the LIVE!

And the last part is ‘Snack Time’ wherein he responds to the questions and messages of NIAs allowing for interactive and intimate communication that has not been seen on the offline stage.

Before the online home party ended, said his thanks to all NIAs out there and how he is looking forward to meeting us all soon in person. Wooseok sings ‘Better’ during the performance which is selected by the audience before the LIVE ends.

Check out the messages of NIAs from Twitter!

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