Finally! After so long, Golden Child is back with a brand new album!

On November 2, 2023, Golden Child released their 3rd single album titled “Feel Me” with the title track of the same. Along with the title track, the new album comes with the tracks “Blind Love” and “Dear” which was composed by Golden Child member TAG.

Image courtesy of Golden Child

“Feel Me” is a song that the youth can relate to. Falling under the post-grunge-rock genre, “Feel Me” gives a youthful vibe through its lyrics and music video.

“Feel Me” is that feel-good song that we all need that will comfort us in times of hardship. In the lyrics, it says:

If I can’t avoid it, I’ll accept it.
I’m already perfect with this.
If I can’t do anything, I’ll laugh it off.
Because all these moments are perfect.

This song tells us to live in the moment and love every part of it.

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At their media showcase earlier today, Golden Child said that they hope to bring comfort to the young generation through their brand-new song.

They also added that they plan to hold events for their fans around the world who waited for them for so long!

Having released dark concept albums in the past years, Golden Child’s brand new album is refreshing in the eyes and it makes you want to have fun with them. After all, Golden Child is popular for their youthful and light album concepts!

Watch “Feel Me” here:

Congratulations on your comeback Golden Child!

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Featured image courtesy of the music video

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