“Target” starring Shin Hye Sun, Kang Tae Oh, and Kim Sung Kyun, to hit Philippine cinemas on October 18!

“I will die for this deal”

Coming this October 18 to Philippine cinemas, another Korean crime-thriller film will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats.

Target depicts the story of a woman whose life falls apart after buying a second-hand item from a seller online. The movie focuses on the current social phenomenon of second-hand deals fraud, Director Park Hee Kon wanted to tell a story where the reality is the movie.

About the characters

Shin Hye Sun portrays the role of the protagonist named, Soo Hyun, who becomes the target after purchasing a defective second-hand washing machine. Shin Hye Sun delicately expresses various emotions such as anger, fear, and despair in this film proving her versatility in acting.

Shin Hye Sun said, “When something like this happens, there must be people who want to solve the problem in the same way. I could really identify with the main character who struggles to deal with it. And the atmosphere created by the art and props set up in Soo Hyun’s house, helped me get into my role,”

Shin Hye Sun is remarkable for her roles in the dramas, Still 17, Angel’s Last Mission: Love, Mr. Queen, and her recent drama, See You In My 19th Life. Her performance in her role in the film, Collectors is also commendable.

Kang Tae Oh who recently appeared in the hit legal series, Extraordinary Attorney Woo transforms into a junior detective Na who doesn’t miss a trace and approaches each case he’s handling with enthusiasm.

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He expressed his empathy and satisfaction with the film’s realistic setting and mentioned, “The movie felt so realistic because it was based on used goods deals that are easily available to everyone. While reading the scenario, I could relate to it and became worried.”

Following the success of the series, Moving which he starred in, Shin Sung Kyun takes on the role of veteran detective Joo who is in charge in Soo Hyun’s case, but soon finds himself in unsettling situations while solving the crime.

“It was very refreshing to read a piece that portrayed reality in an era where we have become numb to exchanging personal information.” Sung Kyun’s take on this film.

Catch Shin Hye Sun, Kang Tae Oh, and Shin Sung Kyun on October 18 in Philippine cinemas nationwide!

Watch the trailer here:

Source: PR from Encore Films Philippines

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