Kim Sejeong shows her spectacular performances in her “The Door” concert tour in Manila, reunites with PH SESANG!

(Photo Courtesy of Wilbros Live)

What a great way to start the month of October with our beloved Kim Sejeong.

Following her first visit with her group, GUGUDAN in 2016, Kim Sejeong is finally reunited with PH SESANG last October 1st at her “The Door” concert tour in Manila which was held at New Frontier Theater.

Let us bring back the unforgettable moments with Kim Sejeong that night!

Spectacular Performances

PH SESANG welcomed Kim Sejeong with their loudest cheers as she entered the stage. She’s so pretty and just like her sparkling outfit that night, she shines bright when she starts to sing her first song, Whale, followed by the song, Destiny, on the tracks under her latest album, “Door”.

After that performance, she greeted everyone, “Hello, I’m Kim Sejeong”. PH SESANG went wild when she said “Magandang Gabi” to the crowd. She was extremely surprised by how Filipino fans warmly welcomed her and said that the cheers were above the level. She mentioned that when she went to Manila with other GUGUDAN members and during that time, she knew that the energy of the PH crowd was at another level. “But today, until the end of this concert, I will burn the stage”, she said.

She continued the concert with her songs, Teddy Bear and Indigo Promise after those performances she mentioned that those songs were stories set in the night. She said that she often wrote songs at night, and she loves the word “Dream” because we dream at night, and we dream for the future.

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When she writes a song, she often thinks about SESANG because she wants them to relate to and be inspired through her songs. She sang meaningful songs such as Plant and Send a Letter. She’s precious, she really cherishes her fans so much that she prepared a heartwarming video message to SESANG, it was so touching, and I really felt her sincerity towards her fans.

On the other hand, she showed a different side of herself by performing Jenga and Top or Cliff and different charms in her songs, Warning, Do Dum Chit, Voyage, and If We Do. She said that the fan chant during her song Voyage was legendary she said the crowd was so loud and she thinks that she should really come back in the future.

Flower Way, Sea of Hope, In The Rain, and Skyline were also included in her setlist.

Kim Sejeong sings her OST singles

We know that aside from being a versatile actress, Kim Sejeong is also known for her soundtrack appearance in various dramas, and of course, the concert is not complete without Kim Sejeong singing the remarkable OSTs from the dramas, Uncanny Counter (Once Again), Legend of the Blue Sea (If Only), Crash Landing on You (All of My Days), and Business Prosopal (Love, Maybe).

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She said she is delighted and feels honored to sing OSTs for the works she has acted in. Sejeong also mentioned that acting became something that cannot be removed from her life. I felt goosebumps hearing those songs and who would have thought that I would be able to hear it live? So I felt so delighted that night.


PH SESANG can’t get enough of Kim Sejeong’s incredible talent, so they requested an encore from her. In acapella this time, Kim Sejeong granted the request of her fans, she sang Baby I Love You, GUGUDAN’s Diary, and I.O.I’s Hold On. When she sang, I’m the One Who Speaks About Myself, we felt like we were in her musical show, she was so great we were so amazed by how talented she was.

She was so adorable as well when she also showed her duchi dachi song.

PH SESANG’s Fan Project

Ahead of the event, PH SESANG showed their unfailing love and support for Kim Sejeong by putting lampshade banners near the event venue area.

They also prepared a banner for the event.

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The fans also expressed their love and appreciation towards Kim Sejeong by preparing a video message to her that made Kim Sejeong cry after watching it.

“Even though I’m far away, thank you so much for loving me just like a person who is always beside you. I really really missed you. I will try my best to prepare and come back here in front of you guys” she said.

The event wrapped up with her song, Let’s Go Home. We were so surprised when he went down the stage, we saw a glimpse of her while she was singing, smiling and waving to everyone.

She also shared the spotlight with her backup dancers and thanked Wilbros Live as well.

It was indeed a memorable night for all of us, I had so much fun and had a blast watching Kim Sejeong’s captivating performances. I am so happy to finally meet her. Her songs inspire and uplift me always. From the beginning of the event up to the end, I was just smiling because she had that positive energy that was really contagious. And that’s what I love about her, she’s so precious.

Thank you so much Sejeongie for making this unforgettable moment with us. We love you, until we meet again!

Watch a glimpse of her concert here:

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