Rookie group New:ID releases concept photos for prologue single ‘E.R’

On September 20th, MLD Entertainment’s rookie group New:ID has released their concept photos showing off the members’ unique identities.

In the photos, New:ID pulls off their masculinity through black suits while also radiating their charismatic aura with intense gazes.

In another concept, the group showcases a colorful styling that emphasizes their glamorous visuals.

The photos are for their prologue single ‘E.R’ which tells the story of love and parting. The song is expressed with New:ID’s unique energy.

Through this prologue single, the group plans to captivate global fans with the emotions of five boys, filled with the pain of youthful love.

New:ID has raised expectations through various promotions even before their debut and fans are closely watching out for their future activities. They are taking confident steps towards their official debut with the aspiration of showing their new selves.

New:ID’s ‘E.R’ will be released on various online music platforms on September 22nd at 6 PM.

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Source: PR from MLD Entertainment

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