Thai actors Billkin, PP Krit send fans over the moon with 1st Fan Meeting in Manila

Billkin and PP admit Manila ‘feels like home’ with the warm welcome of Filipino fans.

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Thai actors Billkin Putthipong and PP Krit surely did not promise the moon to fans as they illuminated the Manila sunset last Sunday, September 10, with their first fan meeting at the World Trade Center.

Billkin and PP painted a memorable sunset with their incredible performances and engaging fan interactions, leaving a lasting impression on their Filipino supporters.

The two opened the show by singing tracks from their hit series “Skyline” and “Safe Zone.”

With their first time meeting Filipino fans, Billkin and PP greeted them the Filipino way, saying ‘kumusta’ and ‘mabuhay!’

Billkin also took the opportunity to ask some Filipino words from fans, noting ‘gwapo’ and ‘pogi’ which mean handsome, and ‘salamat,’ meaning thank you.

Fans were energized by a mini-game from the host, filling the whole event center with screams and shouts.

Fan questions

In the first segment of the fan meeting, Billkin and PP readily answered questions written by fans before showtime.


Billkin shared that they have been having a good time in Manila, and it has been good for them so far.

When teased on what happened in Tokyo during their visit there for its fan meeting leg, PP giddily answered, “I don’t know,” but revealed the two had dinner together.

Billkin also said that Manila was “last but not least,” as they visited many Asian countries in the past few days for their fan meeting.

And here’s the crazy part: when a fan asked PP to marry her, the actor said, “No, I have a boyfriend,” which made fans go crazy. Who is it, PP?

Lastly, Billkin and PP revealed that their dream destinations in the country would be Boracay and Cebu. Billkin had visited Boracay with his family over the past year.

Games with fans

Known for being playful, the actors engaged in a series of games with fans.

The first set of lucky fans was chosen to do the “Ting Ting Tang Tang” dance challenge, where a lucky Filipina fan won because of her energy.

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In the Read My Lips game, Billkin’s team won with 3 points to PP’s team’s 2 points. Billkin did not miss the chance to tease PP with Tagalog phrases like “ang lungkot,” “panalo kami,” and “ang galing!”

All fans were given the opportunity to take a Polaroid photo with the two.

Billkin and PP also delighted fans with a singing performance of their singles “Fire Boy” and “I Like Myself When I’m With You.” The two had a duet on “A Beautiful Ride” and “Hesitate.”

Surprise guest

OPM Singer Zack Tabuldo also made a surprise appearance as he sang “Give Me Your Forever” with Billkin. The two worked together on the song in 2022.

When asked how they collaborated, Tabudlo said, “’Give Me Your Forever’ is getting big in Southeast Asia, and that’s when all the stars aligned.” Billkin also expressed his gratitude to Tabudlo for making the collaboration happen.

‘It feels like home’

After watching a video presentation made by their fans, Billkin and PP wrapped up the night with a special message for their Filipino Penguins.

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“Even though it’s our first time here in the Philippines, it feels like home,” Billkin said while thanking fans for all their support.

PP added that it was their first time in the country, yet they felt all the love and support from everyone. “We just want to thank you for the love you have for us, and I hope to see you guys soon,” he ended.

The show ended with Billkin and PP singing “Mr. Everything” and a song from their series titled “Freaking Special.”

Event presented by Three Angles Production

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