The ‘Brave Girls’ is ready to meet you as ‘BBGirls’ + join a fan-initiated cupsleeve event!

In 2021, Brave Girls took the K-Pop world by storm when their 2017 song, “Rollin'” climbed the music charts and saved the group from their planned disbandment.

About the group

The group, composed of Minyoung, Youjoung, Eunji, and Yuna, is part of the second generation of Brave Girls. They were saved from disbandment in the middle of the pandemic but could not escape the infamous 7-year curse in K-Pop. With their contracts due to expire in 2023, the quartet decided to part ways with their old label and group namesake – Brave Entertainment.

With the amount of love and dedication from their fans, the four of them promised their eventual return.

Redebuting braver than ever

They fulfilled their promise relatively quickly as they signed together with Warner Music Korea and will officially re-debut as BBGirls on August 3, 2023, their name coined by the members themselves and based on how they were previously called.

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Staying true to their previous group name, the quartet are bravely re-debuting as women in their thirties. In today’s K-Pop scene, where debuting idols seem to be getting younger and younger, BBGirls take advantage of their age with teasers showcasing them in mature and risqué themes – exposing skin that led to some broadcasters editing their outfits to reveal less.

While their fans, who are now called BBees, are raving about their re-debut, they are constantly doing their best to spread awareness about how the reverse chart-climbing Brave Girls are rollin’ to their re-debut as BBGirls.

Filipino BBees celebrate BBGirls

In the Philippines, Brave Girls PH re-named themselves as BBGirls PH, and have constantly done cup sleeve events for the members despite the quartet not having signed a contract with any agency yet – only holding onto the promise of the members.

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Despite being a very small group – BBGirls PH, or Filo BBees, are very feisty – everyone doing their best to make noise for the group, and coming up with ways to let K-Pop fans know about BBGirls.

To celebrate BBGirls’ upcoming debut, BBGirls PH are hosting a fan streaming party and cupsleeve event!

Get to know more about BBGirls through BBGirls PH socials – BBGPH0216 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and BBGirlsph0216 on Tik Tok.

For cupsleeve & fan cafes – Instagram: Unnie Café Twitter: Unnie_cafe Facebook: Unnie
언니 Café.

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