INFINITE’s wild adventure: A survival challenge on “Buddy into the Wild”

INFINITE members have bravely taken on a thrilling deserted island survival challenge in the upcoming episode of MBC’s “Buddy into the Wild.” The popular program tests the bonds of friendship and family, as they travel and tackle real-life survival missions to a remote island.

Buddy into the Wild promises an exciting mix of affectionate bickering, complaints, and occasional fights as the members face various obstacles on their designated deserted island. This episode showcases their camaraderie and teamwork as they endure a lack of food and the notorious mudflats.

The upcoming episode of Buddy Into the Wild will undoubtedly be a treat for the fans, showcasing the members’ spirit of adventure, friendship, and determination in the face of challenges.

Fans have more reasons to celebrate as INFINITE is making their long-awaited comeback with their 7th mini-album ‘13egin.’ As they grace both the variety show and the music scene simultaneously, INSPIRITS are eager to witness their versatility and talent.

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Tune in on July 31st to witness INFINITE’s thrilling survival challenge and celebrate their long-awaited comeback!

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