written by: Traci

It has been over a decade already since this show has been adored by fans all around the world, especially here in the Philippines.

In my case, I was still in elementary school and I remember being so thrilled waiting for the short stills of the show in the commercial as shown on a famous TV network before. I remember marathoning this show even with the lengthy episodes and still hankering for season 2.

This show has brought me so much joy and good feelings from the storyline, the casts, and most especially with their original soundtrack!

I may not be a fan of the so-called “romance” series but until now, my heart is full that I came across this show which definitely depicts and gave me an idea of how great and powerful love is.

I just remembered this show lately and I am so enthralled to see that it is available for streaming on Youtube by their original channel and WITH ENG SUBS.

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The link is here for the complete episodes:

What are your thoughts and recollection of these series?

Image credits to GTV{花樣少年少女} (archive.org)

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