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Lee Dongwook and Kim Hyejun to star in an Upcoming Disney+ Exclusive, “A Shop For Killers”

Jeong Jian (Kim Hyejun) is a college student who used to live with his uncle Jeong Jinman (Lee Dongwook) after her parents died but left when she enrolled in college.

Right after entering college, Jeong Jian received a call about her uncle’s apparent suicide. Jian knew that her uncle for being quiet and mysterious but he never showed any signs of being suicidal. But before she can process what had happened, Jian’s life was turned upside down as gunfire, murder drones, and highly trained assassins had her as their target.

Jian went back to her uncle’s home and revisit some of the bizarre training that her uncle gave her while she was with her hoping that it would be enough to keep her alive. 

A Shop for Killers is set to be released exclusively through Disney+ in 2024, starring veteran actor Lee Dong Wook as Jeong Jinman (Guardian: The Loney and Great God, and Tale of the Nine Tailed) and Kim Hyejun as Jeong Jian (Connect and Kingdom).

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While waiting for this exciting action-pack series, you can try Big Mouth which can also be watched on Disney+ and I guarantee that you’ll never be disappointed.

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