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“on the street”: BTS’ J-hope’s gift to fans before military enlistment

On February 26, 2023, Big Hit Music announces the military enlistment of BTS member, J-hope. The same day, they also issued an statement that J-hope will be releasing a new single, “on the street”.

Filmed in New York’s alleyways, “on the street” is a collaboration song with the American rapper and record producer, J. Cole.


As many fans know, J. Cole has been J-hope’s idol since he started as a street dancer. He frequently talked about his admiration and respect for Cole through his lyrics.


The song was released on March 3, 2023 and quickly rose to the top of the iTunes charts.

“on the street” also made a strong entry at No. 16 on Spotify’s daily global chart after receiving 3,294,403 streams on its first day. (Source)

In addition, Big Hit Music said that the song was written by J-hope to express his feelings for his fans. The term “on the street” alludes to J-hope’s beginnings which include street dance, where his desire of becoming an artist first emerged, as well as the ongoing journey that the musician and his audience will take.

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“on the street” is no doubt J-hope’s gift to fans before his military enlistment. The music conveys such emotions. It’s like J-hope is giving back to ARMYs and appreciating them for supporting him ever since.

As the lyrics say, every time he walks, runs, loves, and hopes, it’s always for us. So now, go on hopefully, wherever you walk.

Watch the official MV of “on the street” here.

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