Park Jinyoung Fanconcert in Manila. Rendezvous: Secret Meeting Between You and Me

A rendezvous night with Park Jinyoung is one of the best and sweetest fanconcert eveeeerrrr!

February 26, 2023 at New Frontier Theater

The fanconcert started as Jinyoung serenaded his fans with the song Coming Home from his 2017 JJ Project Album, together with GOT7 Leader Jay B.

Following through was his title song Cotton Candy from his latest album which was released last January, titled “Chapter 0:WITH”.

The event was hosted by Miss Kring Kim, and it was a night full of banter between Jinyoung, the host, and the Fans-Ahgase!

Jinyoung said that it’s been 4 years since he last visited the Philippines and he will show the fans everything that he has prepared for the night, followed by a “Mahal Ko Kayo~”. Jinyoung also said that he was shy in speaking in English, but hey! He is so fluent!

Jinyoung also shared that his 1st album was 3 years in the making and even though he is so busy with the album, tour, and filming, it’s okay because he misses Ahgase!

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“I waited so long for this day.” “I just miss the fans so much, so I think I should do well. So It’s okay that I’m busy.”

The fanconcert continued with the segment: Actor Park Jinyoung. Get to know Jinyoung more as an Actor. He shared 4 of his films, the journey in portraying the roles, and his experiences. When asked who is his favorite actor, his answer was no other than JAY B!

After this, lucky fans are chosen to be on stage to take a polaroid photo, and a bonus hug from Jinyoung! Initially, it was supposed to be 4 winners, but since the Philippines only held a 1-day fanconcert, he added another lucky fan, a total of 5 winners! Such a sweet guy!!

The next segment was Jinyoung’s Moments. He talked about 4 photos that mean a lot to him. Afterward, he then chose 6 letters from the fans, written on the letter board and they will get a gift from Jinyoung.

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One fan wrote a letter for Jinyoung in which all letters of Jinyoung’s name have meaning. Such a touching letter! But look at this one funny letter U. 😍😂

The next segment was Lovely Message where all February birthday celebrants stood up and the whole venue including Jinyoung sang Happy Birthday! And lucky fans indeed! Another surprise is for all celebrants on the day of the fanconcert, who received a special gift from Jinyoung on stage!

One remarkable interaction between Jinyoung and a fan was when they did a dance battle! It was a remake of the dance battle between Jinyoung and Jay B from Dream High 2! Nostalgic!

In the second part of the fanconcert, Jinyoung performed the following: Letter, Animal, then followed by a medley GOT7 dance: Bounce (JJ Project), A, Just Right, Hard Carry, You Calling My Name. He also performed Our Miracle, and Sleep Well which are songs from his solo album. He also performed Dive, his 2012 digital track.

Jinyoung also prepared a letter to his fans and a video that shows how passionate he is and his hard work in preparation for the concert.

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On the other hand, the fan project was a success! Fans were able to touch Jinyoung’s heart and inform him as well of the 170+ dialects in the Philippines. Fan video messages with different dialects were shown on the screen.

The fanconcert finale seemed to be a non-ending encore! He always says that it’s the last song but it’s not. He did an encore performance with GOT7 songs: Last piece, Nanana, Homerun, and Encore.

The fanconcert lasted for about 3 hours then ended with the fan perks: A photo opportunity, and Goodbye session. Jinyoung promised that he will be back! And we sure can’t wait to meet him again, soon!

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the translators in this event because it was so seamless that after Miss Kring is speaking in Tagalog, Jinyoung will speak right away in English because of how fast and accurate all the translators are. Thank you so much! 감사합니다. ♡

This event was brought to you by Pulp Live World

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