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NewJeans Lustre? ‘Paligoy-ligoy’ dominates TikTok along with ‘Hype Boy’ dance

In Nadine-sunbaenim, we trust! Our president's pop song is all over TikTok using NewJeans' dance moves.

It’s the newest dance craze on TikTok, and we can’t get over it!

Name a better combo than a P-pop song accompanied by a K-pop dance move.

It’s a match made in heaven as the newest move on TikTok mixes Nadine Lustre’s (our President) song ‘Paligoy-ligoy’ and chorus choreography of NewJeans’ ‘Hype Boy.’

And it’s not just the Filipino K-pop and P-pop stans who jumped in on the recent challenge, but it even dominated TikTok FYPs all over the world!

Our friends from South Korea are now going LSS of Nadine-sunbaenim‘s pop song.

One of our favorites is a member of our main P-pop girlies, BINI! BINI Maloi totally got the moves in doing this dance challenge.

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She is tagged as the ‘dc’ of the challenge or the one who started it all.

‘Paligoy-ligoy’ is a pop song Nadine Lustre sang in 2014 as part of an OST for her movie Diary ng Panget.

Meanwhile, Hype Boy is the second single released by K-pop super rookies New Jeans, included in their debut EP, New Jeans, in 2022.

Are you up for the challenge?

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