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ENHYPEN Announces comeback with third mini album + A jaw dropping intro!

All eyes here, ENGENES because the 4th generation’s hot icon and million seller group ENHYPEN is coming back with a mini album.

Photo from: Enhypen Naver

On June 13, 2022, Enhypen uploaded their 2022 logo alongside the intro video of their new song “WALK THE LINE” to Enhypen’s official Youtube channel and on HYBE Label’s Youtube channel.

Enhypen 2022 Logo Trailer (Enhypen Youtube Channel)
Enhypen Manifesto: Day 1 “Walk The Line” (Hybe Labels Youtube Channel)

On the logo trailer, it shows the message of “END HYPEN, ENHYPEN’ hinting us of a possible new dimension that they will come across.

While the intro video showed us the incredible language switching narrations from Japanese, Korean to English. This shows high anticipation for the new album.

The pre order for their third mini album starts today with 6 versions. A standard version and an Engene version designed by Enhypen themselves.

Engene Version (Photo from: Enhypen Official Twitter Account)
Standard Version (Photo From Enhypen Official Twitter Account)

Let’s all support Enhypen with their upcoming comeback, Engenes!! I know we’re all excited! This is surely a legendary comeback once again!

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