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WATCH: Lee Joon Gi shows his swag by dancing to PSY’s “That That”

Lee Joon Gi is such a multitalented artist!

Lee Joon Gi shared on May 26 his dance cover of PSY’s That That on his official Instagram account as a fulfillment of his promise to dance if the ratings of his ongoing drama, Again My Life surpasses the rating of 10%.

On his Instagram post he said;

“Realizing the late promise🤙
Actually, I should have put it into practice a few weeks ago, but with the excuse of being busy 😆
I apologize for not being able to revive due to your great love and support 😅 And thank you so much. Please share the last story of Kim Hee Woo until the last broadcast this week🙏

I went to the choreography studio for a long time while trying to do a cover to fulfill my promise. 🤔 Recently, many people have requested that, senior Psy, so I decided to try That That, and I did it right away after watching the music video, so I can’t wait for perfection ^^; 🤣 Sorry and thank you, Bok Hyung and Jun Woo, who must have been hard with class practice~ ^^ Waiting for the day to enjoy the stage again~^^😉🙏”

Joon Gi oppa, you’re the best!

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Moreover, it was on May 20, when the 13th Episode of his drama recorded an average nationwide rating of 11%, the highest rating to date according to Nielsen Korea.

Meanwhile, Again My Life airs its finale on May 28. You can stream it on Viu App.

Watch his dance cover here:

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