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Check out these upcoming Korean dramas to watch this February!

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, that doesn’t mean there’s paucity in Korean dramas. Are there no more Kdramas on your watch list? Check out these upcoming dramas that promises sizzling on-screen chemistry and interesting plotlines!

Image Source: jtbc & tvN

Forecasting Love and Weather

Image Source: jtbc

The drama follows the work and love journey of those who work closely with one another at the Korea Meteorological Administration, the country’s national weather forecast service. Which illustrates the workplace romance that brews among coworkers.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Image Source: tvN

The financial crisis had a negative impact on both Heedo and Yijin in 1998. Although Hee-high do’s school fencing squad was regarded as one of the greatest, the financial crisis forced them to fold.

The drama is about the experiences of young people who find new meaning and growth after their aspirations are snatched away.

Crazy Love

Image Sorce: KBS2

Shinah works as Gojin’s secretary, but when she becomes his pretend fiancée, their friendship blossoms into something more. Gojin, on the other hand, pretends to be amnesic in order to avoid being murdered.

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Thirty Nine

Image Source: jtbc

The drama follows three friends who met in their sophomore year of high school and are now approaching their forties. It will depict the stories of three 39-year-old women who face unforeseen challenges in their daily lives.

A Business Proposal

Image Source: SBS

The story follows Hari as she goes on a blind date while pretending to be her closest friend. She is, however, terrified to see Taemu, the CEO of the firm where she works. To make matters worse, he is adamant about marrying her.

Image Source: iHQ

A romance thriller about men and women who are on a mission to achieve various goals, including success, vengeance, children, and love. They are persons who are looking for someone to sponsor them in order to fulfill their dreams.

Military Prosecutor Doberman

Image Source: tvN

The drama is about Do Baeman, who joined a military prosecutor for money and fame but is looking forward to retiring, and Cha Wooin, who was born into a chaebol family and became a military prosecutor for revenge.

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Don’t know what to do on Valentine’s Day? The greatest way to enjoy the day is to sit back and binge-watch some of the new Korean dramas premiering this month. Happy watching!

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