On October 13, 2021, Cube Entertainment’s newest girl group has returned with their second single ‘Light a Wish’ after 4 months.

Photo courtesy of Cube Entertainment

The tracklist is composed of tracks brought together by various forms of ‘light’ being their common theme.

The first and title track ‘VIVACE’, named after the Italian word meaning ‘in a lively and brisk manner.

Watch the MV here:

The second track, ‘You, Jam,’ has an addictive melody that will stay in your head after listening to it once.

Meanwhile, the third track, ‘Popcorn,’ also highlights LIGHTSUM’s lively musical style with its exciting, high-teen style melody.

In addition, LIGHTSUM aims to showcase its original powerful performances, stable vocals, and more upgraded, cool, and shining charms.


Set a record for the highest initial sales of 19,000 copies among rookie girl groups in 2021, and their music video ‘Vanilla’ achieved 10 million views in about a week after its release.

The title track ranked 8th on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart, proving their power as a ‘2021 Hot Rookie Girl Group’.

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source: [Universal Music Group PR]

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