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Meet South Korea’s The Avengers of Fencing

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics ended with a blast despite the hiccups it faced due to the current pandemic. The two-week sporting event brought together the best athletes from around the world to compete, all with a common goal in mind: BRING HOME A GOLD MEDAL.

The Philippines made history when Hidilyn Diaz, our own Weightlifting Fairy, bagged our very first gold and Filipino Boxers, Nesthy Petecio, Carlo Paalam and Eumar Marcial contributed to the country’s record-breaking medal haul as well.

South Korea’s athletes also had their share of momentous wins. Ranked 16 in the total medal tally, they won gold in Archery, Gymnastics, Badminton and the sport that’s getting the most attention right now, Fencing.

It took 9 long years for the Men’s Sabre Team to bring home another gold. The win was powerful enough to earn the admiration of fencing enthusiasts both in and out of South Korea.

Credits: Koreajoongang

Now collectively known as The Avengers of Fencing, all eyes are on Kim Jung-hwan, Gu Bon-gil, Kim Jun-ho and Oh Sang-uk after their Olympic victory. And it is not only their skills that is getting the limelight but fans (mostly women!) are quick to notice that they are equipped with good looks too!

Korea’s Men’s Sabre Fencing Team Gu Bon-gil, Kim Jung-hwan, Kim Jun-ho and Oh Sang-uk
Image Credits: Korea Herald

Their back-to-back TV appearances in Knowing Brothers, All The Butlers and I Live Alone are proof that they are already earning a massive following after their Tokyo Olympic stint.

Credits: JTBC/NewsDirectory3

Curious to know about the members of the team? Here are some fast facts about them.

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KIM JUNG-HWAN (ig: @masterkim5926)

Credits; Korea Herald

The most senior member of the team is currently 8th in world rankings. He retired after completing the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia but returned to play and compete back again to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Despite the short training days, he still bagged one gold (Men’s Sabre Fencing Team) and one bronze (Men’s Individual Sabre) for South Korea. He earned the nickname Inspector Gadget because of his long arms and also wants to be known as The Legend or The Veteran.

GU BON-GIL (ig: gubongil99)

Credits: Korea Herald/Yonhap News

Currently 11th in the world rankings, Gu Bon-gil is a seasoned Olympian. Having competed and won in the 2012 London Olympics with Kim Jung-hwan, he’s not only known for his strong presence in the piste but he’s also an equally talented swordsman. His people-pleasing attitude and knack for comedy made his variety show guestings a huge hit. In Knowing Bros, he said that he follows a strict ritual of abstaining from food before every competition as it makes his body feel heavier during his plays. He is also friends with Got7’s Jackson Wang.

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KIM JUN-HO (ig: @kjh_0526)

Credits: Netizenbuzz

It’s impossible not to get captivated by his good looks and speed when competing. His fast foot play and smooth targeted attacks earned him the nickname The Sonic in fencing. Currently 22nd in the world rankings, he’s the appointed face of the Sabre Men’s Team. With his idol-like appearance, it is no surprise that he got signed-up by Haewadal Entertainment, home to actress Ha Ji-won. But sorry girls, Kim Jun-ho is now happily married and will soon welcome a son with his wife.

OH SANG-UK (ig: ohsu.o_o)

Credits: Koreajoongang

At 24 years old, the team’s maknae is currently the world’s #2 in Men’s Sabre. Nicknamed The Terminator because of his height (he’s 1.91m tall!) and big physique, this Daejeon native has been winning competitions since he started in 2015. He recently appeared in the latest episode of I Live Alone where he shared his daily life in the training center. Although not married yet, he’s dating Hong Hyo Jin, also a fencer and a member of the national team.

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South Korea has proven once again that they are here to make history. In a sport that is commonly associated with European countries, the Men’s Sabre Fencing Team proved that with hardwork and teamwork, they can rise to the top and earn the respect of the world.

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