TOMORROW x TOGETHER (TXT) is now joining the SMART family as they introduce SMART’s newest service called “Build Your Own Giga” which allows prepaid users to create Data plans according to their needs.


The said group greeted their Filipino fans on July 27 with their Smart Ad by letting Filipino MOAs know how they want to inspire the Filipino youth on how to take charge, stand out, and build their tomorrow.

Check out their video here:

Just like their sunbaenims, Bangtan Sonyeondan better known as BTS, their advocacy of inspiring youth to build a better tomorrow, is in harmony with SMART’s aim of building better things for its subscribers.

The new campaign with TXT is set to unveil this coming August as SMART wants to showcase its flexible and dynamic product line-up.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is composed of five talented boys namely SOOBIN, YEONJUN, BEOMGYU, TAEHYUN, and HUENINGKAI. If you have known them since they made their debut last 2019, you would know how their music has continuously evolved into something magical and inspiring, especially with their latest album called “The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE”.

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You can check out their latest album here:

Filipino MOAs let’s support as SMART and TOMORROW X TOGETHER try to build a better tomorrow for us.

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