ICYMI: Former 4Minute members commemorate their 12th Debut Anniversary

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Our 4nia hearts will always remain.

Former members of 4minute namely Jihyun, Jiyoon, Gayoon, Sohyun, and Hyuna commemorated their 12th debut anniversary on June 18.

Former leader, Son Ji Hyun and former maknae, Kwon So Hyun posted on their official Instagram account a photo of themselves with a heartfelt caption.

Son Ji Hyun shared a sweet message:

“I’d like to thank all the members and staff who spent the most time together. Now that we’re all more mature and growing in our seats, I’m dreaming of the days when we can talk a lot in the future. 2009.6.18-“

Kwon So Hyun also writes a meaningful caption with the group’s logo.

“Twelve years later, I’ve had it.

The memories may have been blurred.

When i thought of a team called 4Minute,

In one of your memories,

My once-delighted memory of myself

I hope it was a team.

At a talent show, at a karaoke,

In the army, in school

At any moment in my day.

With a smiley memory.

I hope it was a team.

I’ve never forgotten.

Thank you so much for remembering.”

On the other hand, Former Rapper, Jeon Ji Yoon and Former Main Vocalist, Heo Ga Yoon featured some photos on their Instagram stories.

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Ji Yoon’s heartfelt caption reads as:

“Thank you for celebrating our 12th anniversary. Time really flew by so quickly, but everything is more important in the future. Let’s make good memories. I love you fans and my other members.”

While Ga Yoon’s short caption reads as:

“20090618. Our 12th anniversary. Thank you.”

The former main rapper, main dancer, and the face of the group, Kim Hyun Ah posted a set of photos of herself.

She did not write any messages regarding on the group’s anniversary but with the emoticons she used as a caption, i believe that she remembered the group’s 12th year debut anniversary as well.

Moreover, multi-talented and charismatic Girl group, 4Minute was formed by Cube Entertainment in 2009 and officially debuted with their single Hot Issue.

They were remarkable for their great songs such as What’s your name, Is it Poppin, I My Me Mine, Huh, Whatcha Doin’ Today, and Volume Up to name a few.

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Their lead single Hate was the group’s last EP under their seventh EP called Act. 7 in 2016. In the same year on June 13, it was announced that the group would disband following their contract expiration.

Thank you 4minute for all the memories you’ve shared with us. In our hearts, we are 4ever 4nia.

Let’s continue supporting them in their individual careers, mga bes!

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