Get to know the Monstas: 6 Reasons to stan Monsta X

I know by this time we already have our ultimate groups and biases, be it groups from the first to the fourth generation. We either stan boy groups, girl groups, bands, duos or solo acts and we can all definitely agree on the fact that they came at the right time in our lives and they bring us immense happiness.

I for one started this K-Pop roller coaster ride in 2017 and haven’t gone off ever since and nor do I have any plans to stop this anytime soon. This has been one of my sanity keepers since 2017 with loads of content from music to variety shows.

The past year has been challenging and I came to a point that I really needed a pick-me-up and things to lighten up the usual glum or ‘meh’ feeling the quarantine has brought. And boy, I did find the best addition to my fangirling life!

Image source: Monsta X

Since 2017, I’ve always thought that I will only be stanning BTS that time since I knew that I only have a limit to the attention (…and money) that I can give and spare.

Then came the last quarter of 2020 when I chanced upon ONE video of Monsta X on Youtube. And we can all say that the rest is history or that I’ve been sucked into a black hole with no other way back. But hey, that is definitely something I don’t regret.

Get to know the Monstas!

They are a product of the idol survival show NO MERCY aired on MNet back in 2014 and concluded in 2015 with the seven finalists that would become members of Monsta X. Since their No Mercy days, the boys have shown their individual talents, skills, and great teamwork as sub-units and groups that made them shine on the show.

Monsta X was initially a seven-member group under Starship Entertainment comprising of Shownu (Leader, Vocals), Wonho (Vocals), Minhyuk (Vocals), Kihyun (Vocals), Hyungwon (Vocals), Jooheon (Rapper), and I.M (Maknae/Rapper). The group is now a six-member group with Wonho venturing into a solo career after rumors that made him decide to leave the group back in 2019.

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It surely is a bummer when that happened and for sure many Monbebes were saddened by the fact that he had to leave. Still, the other Monstas continued and persevered despite the challenges they’ve gone through. And now, here I am, a newbie Monbebe sharing with you 6 reasons to stan and support this Monsta X!

For starters: they have great music

As I’ve mentioned, I was pulled in by one video on Youtube and it all started from there. Well, I’ve been seeing them in the past and I regret that I didn’t follow through! I started listening to them on Spotify and boy was I even more hooked!

Their songs have a certain vibe that puts you either on hype mode, or it just generally puts you in a good mood. The upbeat songs make you bounce to the beat and the slower ones make you take a step back and appreciate their smooth vocals – the rappers even. 

A week into blasting their songs while working, I can hear my family members humming to Fantasia. And they are repeatedly asking the titles of their songs. (This may be a tip to draw in casual listeners!) I have nothing more to say to this but to check all their discography because IT IS WORTH IT.

Image source: Monsta X

Next up, they have immense talent

From their No Mercy days, you can clearly see that they have really worked hard to where they are now. You can already see their potential and the lengths and places they will go to with their perseverance. Fast forward to this day and they are already onto their ninth mini album. And they have sold out concerts in many cities around the world. They have also released an all English album and have successfully promoted it overseas!

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Image source: Monsta X

Aside from their success as a group, they also shine individually with solo projects, covers, releases, and mixtapes. Check out Kihyun’s (aka OST king) rendition of Bad and Believer. Also Shownu’s collaboration with one of my favorite bands (PREP) with Don’t Look Back. You can also bump up Jooheon and I.M’s mixtapes on Youtube and Spotify. DJ H.One’s collabs are bops too! And Minhyuk (our MC King) has his regular stint at NOW. All of this definitely shows how much they’ve grown from trainees and participants of a survival show that they were!

They are variety and comedy kings

Have you watched these guys on Monsta X-ray? Or in their hour-long guesting on Weekly Idol? Have you checked out Youtube edits where you can clearly see that these guys are variety and comedy kings? That’s because they are! Even simple Vlives and their normal antics can make you crack up

There came a point that even though I wanted to binge, I stopped and watched only an episode a day. (So that I may not finish them all on one go!) And one episode is definitely a serotonin boost that would keep a smile on my face!

Have you heard that the M in Monsta X stands for Model

From sportswear, casual wear, and haute couture, to shoes, makeup, and perfumes! You name it and Monsta X members have signed a deal with known industry brands. One of their recent collaborations would be for Urban Decay and boy, they are serving up some quality visuals!

Image source: Monsta X | Visual Kings

They also exude powerful and commanding auras in their music videos! Have you seen DRAMARAMA? How about Fantasia? Oh and all those good songs from their All About Luv album! You would definitely clutch your chest and fan your face once you see their visuals in these personal recommendations. But what takes the prize for me would be their aegyo (especially Jooheon ♥).

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There’s more to them than meets the eye!

From my previous point, it’s obvious that they are all pleasing to the eye but there’s more to that! They have also been publicly supporting causes that are dear to their hearts. They are also not backing away from voicing out their opinions on socio-political matters.

It’s also a given that they are very loving and supportive of one another. And one thing I can definitely say is that you feel their genuine care and concern for one another. Even though there are times that they lean into trolling each other more. 

Stan a group who stans you back!

This may be the last but if I’m sure you will find more reasons to stan these boys! Just click that video or head on over their Spotify you will not be disappointed.

There’s nothing more reassuring than admiring and supporting artists who thank their fans for all they do to support them. Like many groups in the KPop industry, Monsta X never fails to express their gratitude to Monbebe. Be it on awards or in simple posts in the fancafe or their SNS pages.

A snap form their latest anniversary VLive

Monbebe will always be proud of your hard work and will always be beside you to support you! I know I haven’t been a long time stan but I’m sure I’ll be with you from now on! Thank you for being one of my happy pills these past months! 

Don’t forget to support Monsta X on their upcoming comeback with their 9th mini album One of A Kind! Let’s show them a lot of love when it drops on June 1st! ♥ Happy #6YearsWithMONSTAX!

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