Takeru Satoh and Hikari Mitsushima confirm to star in new Netflix original series “First Love”

Known for their prominent acting skills, Takeru Satoh and Hikari Mitsushima are confirmed to star in Netflix new original series “First Love.”

Image Source: Netflix

Netflix revealed on December 2, that Takeru Satoh and Hikari Mitsushima were selected to be the leads of the said upcoming series.

Based on Hikaru Utada’s masterpiece song First Love in 1999, this follows the romance story of a couple who fell in love on their first love in the year 1990’s then after twenty years of long time separation, the feelings they have for each other still lingers on.

Takeru Satoh will portray the role of Harumichi Namiki, a self-defense airforce pilot who only thinks about himself.

Hikari Mitsushima will play the role of Yae Noguchi, an inspiring flight attendant who encounter a test of fate while chasing her dreams.

Both Takeru and Hikari showed their great acting skills on their previous work and this series mark as their first project together.

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First Love is written and will be directed by Yuri Kanchiku and is set to premiere in 2022 only in Netflix.

Watch First Love MV below:

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