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Watch: iKON’s Junhoe and Chanwoo greet PH fans on recent VLIVE

iKON’s Junhoe and Chanwoo greeted Filipino fans on their recent VLIVE update tonight, October 27.

During their live video iKON’s Junhoe said they love and miss Filipino iKONICs as well as Chanwoo saying a native Filipino language “Sakit akong tiyan” which he learned from iKON’s Jinhwan.

Check out the video below.

Video Source: Annyeong Oppa

“Sakit akong tiyan” is a native Filipino term used in the province of Davao, Philippines where iKON’s Jinhwan previously went to study English.

Moreover, the two members of iKON, Junhoe and Chanwoo also greeted other international iKONICs.

Junhoe also mentioned that he really loves Indonesian food such as Mi Goreng and Nasi Goreng.

On the latter part of the live broadcast, Song Yunhyeong made an appearance and says Hi to iKONICs.

Have you seen their recent VLIVE update, bes?

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