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Park Family is Back on ‘The Return of Superman!’

After dropping their teasers few weeks ago, the Park family has officially returned in KBS’ “The Return of Superman!”

The program’s recent episode is something special since most audiences were very excited with the return of Park family. Park Joo Ho’s family with his wife Anna, and children — Naeun and Gunhoo took a hiatus to welcome their newest member, Jinwoo.

The day starts the usual for the Park family, where both Naeun and Gunhoo can now play on their own. A few moments later, Joo Ho brings Jinwoo to meet his siblings.

Jinwoo got Naeun’s eyes and Gunhoo’s nose and lips! Such a beautiful baby!

It is clearly shown how both Naeun and Gunhoo showered love for their newest sibling. Especially Gunhoo, who loves to stay close and play with his dongsaeng.

Gunhoo is now bubbly toddler who takes care of Jinwoo! Naeun on the otherhand, continues to take care of her younger siblings and being a lovely noona and daughter to her parents.

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We can’t deny that these three are siblings right?! It was a hectic yet fun morning for the sibs as they jammed to Jessi’s NUNU NANA, BTS’ Dynamite and BLACKPINK’s How You Like That.

It was a great time meeting the Park family after a long time! Nice meeting you, Jinwoo!

You can watch Return of Superman on Viu.

Photos are captured from Viu.

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