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XIUtory: A gift from fans for EXO’s Xiumin

Submitted by Eunice Jane DEL Pilar

COVID-19 cannot stop the online amd safe events from happening!

Who can’t forget the memorable aegyos of the ‘fake maknae’ in EXO?  Our XIUldier, Kim Minseok, will officially be back exactly after 99 days from his military service!

EXO-Ls especially ELSAs prepared the virtual exhibit event exclusive for all EXO-Ls, K-pop fans, and those who love Xiumin around the world for free. To start your online-exhibit-feels, be guided by the following two steps:

This is it, let us enjoy and experience the K-pop Exhibit hold on @artsteps! The exhibit becomes more  special as it is organized and curated by Filipino EXO-L’s.

Special freebies from XIUstory Exhibit will be given to the fans who will walk through in the online exhibit by following the steps indicated. Credits given to @forxiuchen!

#XIUtory will tour us around to the #XIUweet-fairy path of Xiumin that made us amazed in keeping our fire in supporting EXO all through the years.

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Express your feelings about the online exhibit event by using the #XIUtoryExhibit on Twitter or by tagging the following social media accounts below.

Don’t miss out on the exclusive experience from your co-fans! Check this out:

99 days left, XUIldier 007, we will wait for you!

Photos from VLive, YouTube (Insight Entertainment Official Youtube Channel), and @forxiuchen

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