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New SBS drama, ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ Drops Teaser Poster!

SBS’ new Monday-Tuesday drama Do You Like Brahms? (written by Ryu Bori/directed by Cho Youngmin/produced by Studio S), which will premiere on August 31, tells the story of the dreams and love story of two classical music students.

As the first SBS Monday-Tuesday drama to be restarted in two months, viewers of the small screen are looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, the teaser poster, “Do you like Brahms?” released on July 31, features the first teaser video and the following soft eye contact between Park Eunbin and Kim Minjae, drawing attention.

The teaser poster shows Eunbin and Kim Minjae taking a night walk. The tranquil stone wall road and the atmosphere of a summer night create a lyrical atmosphere, and the images of the two people drawn like watercolors in it make the heart flutter.

Standing looking at each other, the two seem to share numerous stories with each other with each other’s eyes.

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The images of the two, which evoke various emotions such as warmth, excitement, freshness, and dim attraction just by looking at them, are making the people wonder about their stories and emotional lines to be solved through Do You Like Brahms?

These days, when countless dramas are pouring in, “Do you like Brahms?” is attracting the public’s attention at once with a drama that stimulates the classic emotions in your heart.

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