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Look: Hanbin mask donations reaches PH iKONICs!

Hanbin mask donations reached Filipino iKONICs and Binics!

Image from ARENA

Earlier this year when news about Hanbin sending face mask donations to his fans was revealed.

Fast forward to June 2020, the mask donations also reached his Filipino fans.

Image from @still131_PH

Check out some post from iKONICs and Binics below:

Hanbin, despite his current hiatus never ceased to let his people feel special by means of sending them songs via SoundCloud and by engaging into several donations and volunteer works.

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Thank you to Hanbin for his never ending kindness and his fanbase @still131_PH and @still131fan for the effort and hardwork.

Fans couldn’t be more any prouder of Kim Hanbin generous heart!

Read more about Hanbin’s update and several donations below:

1. Kim Hanbin anonymously donates face masks in relation to the 2019 Novel Corona Virus outbreak

2. Hanbin donated additional face masks to a children’s care facility

3. B.I Surprised Fans with “DEMO.1” on his Soundcloud!

4. Hanbin drops new DEMO 2 on his SoundCloud account

5. Hanbin drops another Demo on his SoundClound account

You may also listen to Hanbin’s latest Demo by 131 here:

Tweet and Facebook Post Source:

@hanbeaniekim @koojunehey @always_131_ @iKON Saranghamnida

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