D-2 Mixtape by Agust D tops iTunes charts in 80 countries

Just mere 24 hours after its release on May 22, D-2 Mixtape by BTS Suga tops iTunes charts in 80 countries and regions.

The album’s title track Daechwita also topped iTunes Top Songs Charts in 50 countries.

Screencap from the MV

D-2 by Agust D (aka BTS Suga/Min Yoongi) is the rapper’s follow up work after his debut solo album ‘Agust D’ back in 2016.

Suga’s rapper name is derived from Daegu Town Suga spelled backwards as he hails from the town of Daegu.

Album cover for D-2 by Agust D

With a series of photo promotion teasers on Twitter, fans speculated a mixtape drop by the band’s maknae and main rapper.

Identifying that the release was from the main rapper was some eagle eyed and quick witted fans that discovered the album cover on iTunes.

Shocking fans just two days from the supposed end of the countdown, at D-2, notifications about the album drop on iTunes and then an official music video for the title song Daechwita confirmed the mixtape’s release.

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Watch Daechwita music video below:

Containing 10 songs, the album prides on various collaborations with homegrown artists like Kim Jong Hwan (NELL), NiiHWA, and RM. The track Burn It is his collaboration with international singer-songwriter-actor Max Schneider.

You may listen to the full album on SoundCloud, iTunes or Spotify.

Check out the links shared by BigHit Entertainment where you can download the mixtape:

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