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LOOK: Song Joong Ki reunited with “Arthdal Chronicles” co-actor Yang Kyung Won

Actor Song Joong Ki reunited with his “Arthdal Chronicles” co-actor Yang Kyung Won!

History D&C posted Song Joong Ki and Yang Kyung Won’s photo on their official Instagram account on May 01.

Check out their photo below.

Both actors starred together in 2019 mythical drama “Arthdal Chronicles“. Song Joong Ki as Eun-Seom and Yang Kyung Won as one of the members of Wahan tribe.

“Arthdal Chronicles” tells an ancient story set in the land called Arth. Tribes aim for power and fight against each other. Three children of prophecy was born on the same day which leads to the fall of Arth.

In addition, the cast and production of “Arthdal Chronicles” is gearing up for its upcoming second season.

Meanwhile, Song Joong Ki recently moved to his new agency History D&C after the expiration of his contract with Blossom Entertainment.

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With that, he was able to reunite again with actor Yang Kyung Won who recently starred in “Crash Landing On You.”

Source: History D&C

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