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Song Joong Ki signs contract with HISTORY D&C

Updated information:

HISTORY D&C announced on Friday that Song Joong Ki signs exclusive contract with them.

In an article of My Daily Major News, HISTORY D&C shared, “We will do our best for Song Joong Ki. We will grow together with positive synergy.”

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Original article:

Blossom Entertainment confirmed on Tuesday that Song Joong Ki will be leaving the agency.

In an article of Sports Seoul, it was mentioned that Blossom Entertainment already gave its statement.

As said, “Song Joong Ki’s exclusive contract will expire this December.”

The actor will not renew his contract under the mentioned company.

Song Joong Ki signed his contract with Blossom Entertainment in 2013, making it his home for seven years.

The other well-known artists who are also with Blossom Entertainment are Park Bogum, Go Chang Suk, and many more.

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